JazzBerry Sturdy - User manual

Package includes:

JazzBerry Sturdy earphones * 1

Charging box * 1

USB charging cable * 1

S / M/ L size eartips @ 1 pair 

Operational instruction & specification:

Charging box:

White LED lights on when charging, LED turns off after fully charged  















LED lights on while charging the earphones. Lights stays on for 3 seconds and goes out after fully charged

Power on:

1. Take out the earphones from charging box, earphones switch on automatically.

2. When no charging box is carried, long press multi-function button for 5 seconds to turn on the earphones and the blue light flashes for 1.5 seconds (Sound effect: Power on charm)

Power off:

1. Put the earphones back into the charging box, earphones shut down automatically.

2. When no charging box is carried, long press multi-function button for 5 seconds, and the blue light flashes for 1.5 seconds (Sound effect: Power off charm) 

TWS pairing (Right and left earphones pairing)

1. Power on both earphones (Sound effect: Pairing)

2. Search "JazzBerry Sturdy" on mobile devices and select for connection.

3. Connection successful (Sound effect: Connected charm)

4. Power off if connection cannot be found after 5 minutes 

5. Long press multi-function buttons for clearing previous TWS paired setting 

Other functions:

1. Previous song: Double click left earphones multi-function button

2. Next song: Double click right earphones multi-function button

3. Play / pause: Single click left or right earphones

4. Answer / hang up call: Single click left or right earphones when there's incoming call / in conversation

5. Reject phone call: Long press multi-function button


Pairing name: JazzBerry Sturdy

Wireless version: V5.0 AD2P / AVRCP / HFP / HSP

Driver unit: 6mm

Frequency response: 20-20KHz

Output power: 0.25W * 2

Speaker impedance: 16 ohm

Audio play time: 5-6 hours (single charge)

Operation distance: 8 meter (open area)

Charging: Type C 5V 1A 

Earbud battery: 50mAh * 2

Charging box battery: 500mAh 

Earbud dimension: 27 * 25 * 18mm

Charging box dimensions: 67 * 47 * 32mm

Sensitivity: 90 +/- 3dB

Rated output: 2mW * 2

THD: Below 1.0% @ 0.5W 1KHz

SNR: Above 65dB

Power consumption: 18mA



Please read the manual carefully before using this product.

Damage due to non-compliance with the instruction is not covered by the warranty.

Before careful of electric shock or fire.

Do not place the product and accessories near open fire or other heat sources, including direct sunlight.

The product shall not be used under thunderstorm coming.

When connecting the power supply, please make sure that the power supply voltage matches the voltage value.

Do not connect the power supply if the voltage doesn't match




Problem: Low volume or distortion 

Solution: Make sure all devices are properly connected and adjust the volume to appropriate setting.

Problem: Earphones is not charging

Solution: 1. Check the adapter is properly connected to the charging box 2. Check the voltage and current of power adapter meet the requirement 

Problem: Wireless connection failed

Solution: 1. Make sure the devices are in pairing mode (Indicator on both left & right channel earphones flash in white) 2. Restart the devices by long pressing mult-function button.

Problem: Music playback intermittent

Solution: 1. Check if the connection distance is effective, beyond other electronics devices e.g. other Bluetooth devices 2. Try to relocate other Bluetooth device nearby and playback



Charging box.png

indicator light

indicator light

indicator light

Multi-function button

Multi-function button

Left earphones

Right earphones